Fun Lunch

Are you tired of the same old boring lunch routine?

We've got you covered! Fun Lunch is here to add a dash of excitement to your child's school day. Picture this: delicious and diverse meals delivered right to their hungry little hands, all while supporting our school community. 

Munch-a-Lunch makes it easy-peasy to order tasty treats your kids will adore. With a few clicks, you can select from a menu bursting with kid-approved options, including pizzas, sandwiches, and so much more.

So, parents, get ready to be the lunchtime heroes your kids deserve! Dive into the world of Fun Lunch with us, and let's make lunchtime the highlight of the school day.

Just some notes about Fun Lunch....

  • If your child is not at school on the day of a particular Fun Lunch and you have not indicated you will be picking it up by 12:30pm, the meal will be donated to a deserving child who does not have a Fun Lunch ordered for that day.
  • Please send cutlery on each Fun Lunch day for your child.

Ordering lunch through Munch-a-Lunch is a breeze!

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process:

Login or Create an Account through the Munch-a-Lunch platform.

Select Queensbury Elementary

View the Lunch Menu

Browse through the available menu options. 

Choose a Lunch Date and Make Your Selections

Add to Cart

Review Your Order:

Double-check your order in the cart to ensure everything is correct. You can make changes or remove items if needed.

Checkout and Payment

On the designated Fun Lunch day, remind your child to look forward to their delicious meal. The school or PAC team will handle the distribution of the ordered lunches.

Remember to keep track of ordering deadlines and Fun Lunch schedules provided by the Queensbury PAC to ensure you don't miss out on this fun and convenient lunch option for your child!

If you have any Fun Lunch queries, please email us on [email protected].

FALL Session

Sept 21 - Pizza Day

Sept 28 - Well Fed

Oct 5 - Sushi

Oct 12 White Spot

Oct 17 - TCBY

Oct 19 Subway

Oct 26 - A Moveable Feast

Nov 2 - Ming's Garden

Nov 7 - Smoothie Day - Lift

Nov 9 - Hot Dog Day

Nov 16 - Pizza Day

Nov 23 - Well Fed

Nov 28 - TCBY

Nov 30 - Sushi

Dec 7 - White Spot

Dec 14 Subway

Dec 19 Smoothie Day - Lift

Dec 21 - A Moveable Feast

WINTER Session

Jan 11 - Ming's Garden

Jan 18 - Hot Dog Day

Jan 23 - TCBY

Jan 25 - Pizza Day

Feb 1 - Well Fed

Feb 8 - Sushi

Feb 13 - Smoothie Day - Lift

Feb 15 - White Spot

Feb 22 - Subway

Feb 29 - A Moveable Feast

Mar 5 - TCBY

Mar 7 Ming's Garden

Mar 14 - Hot Dog Day

SPRING Session

Apr 4 - Pizza Day

Apr 11 - Well Fed

Apr 16 - Smoothie Day - Lift

Apr 18 - Sushi

Apr 25 - White Spot

Apr 30 - TCBY

May 2 - Subway

May 9 - A Moveable Feast

May 16 - Ming's Garden

May 21 - Smoothie Day - Lift

May 23 - Hot Dog Day

May 30 - Well Fed

Jun 6 - White Spot

Jun 11 - TCBY

Jun 13 - Sushi

Jun 20 - Hot Dog Day

Jun 26 - Pizza Day